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The idea of the caravan was modeled after extensive research that my husband and I did from the wonderful homework books called Tiny Homes, On the Move and Simple Shelters.

We travel for a month every summer to Oregon or to New Mexico, and in the past years we have seen many different breeds of caravans or homes on wheels that have just taken our breath away!

The attraction for me has always been the open road, adventure and a certain nomadic life. It seemed like a perfect melding to create a beautiful mobile retail space, where Tavin clothing and lifestyle could really shine.

My wonderful husband Nathan is an amazing builder and we took our time with the design and process until we felt that we had created a truly special place for all to experience.


We planned to take it to festivals, events and to places that we felt connected to the Tavin aesthetic. The idea of taking Tavin into a larger audience outside of Los Angeles appealed to us greatly.


The vibe is great and the feeling of nostalgia is strong, harking back to a slower time and an easier pace. We long to create, to engage in community and to bring beauty wherever we go.


We had the pleasure of launching our caravan and taking it to some great events right before Covid hit. Sadly at the moment until Covid is behind us, the caravan will be our personal travel camper. When it is safe to hit the road again we will let you know and add a schedule to the website so you can all come on board!


Here's a link to a Caravan back-rounder from our friend at Gem Vintage