Tavin Boutique About

Opened in 2009 in the bohemian enclave of Echo Park, Los Angeles, Tavin Boutique carries a well curated eclectic collection of vintage clothing as well as wearable designer pieces. Tavin Boutique is known for its strong collection of 1960s and 1970s clothing as well as an extensive Victorian collection.

Tavin specializes in a quintessential early California vibe - think Laurel Canyon meets Picnic at Hanging Rock.

At Tavin we have a great appreciation for the past with a decidedly modern  and timeless approach. The Tavin woman might be earthy or whimsical, thoughtful, charming, classic, a bohemian gypsy with romantic vibes .

My inspirations…


I have been inspired through the years by my deep love of travel - I am most in my element when wandering the world searching for the perfect dress in a far away market where I am but a stranger in a strange land. It is through my love of traveling that Tavin Boutique was born. On a rainy day, years ago wandering in and out of small shops in Montmarte on the right bank of Paris the idea of TAVIN took root in me.


What does the feeling of being in quiet surrounded by the earth, by the ocean, by the mountains and forest make me gravitate towards in my choices of clothing ? In the simple beauty of a perfectly worn dress? The feel of soft aged cotton? Does the blue in a certain sky make me want to search out those particular blues? Does the color of a faded rose make me fall in love with that same rose color on a cotton floral dress? Does splashing in a puddle in the rain make me want to wear tall green rain boots and white dresses and feel like a child all over again?

The blues and greens of the ocean, the trees, sand, sky, plants, pebbles, seashells, winding country roads, the feel of rain on my skin, a thunderstorm, old farm houses and offbeat architecture, 60s/70s communes, the smell of the forest, skinny dipping, sunsets and sunrises. I breathe all of this in, translating it into the colors of the clothing that I choose, the feel of the fabric, the textures, age, colors, forms and drapes that I gravitate towards, all of these feelings and visuals from nature are what I bring with me into the aesthetic of Tavin Boutique.