Super Hyper Vibe!: A Guidebook For Your Soul's Awakening by Guillaume Wolf

$ 20.00

The latest book from dear friend, Guillaume Wolf! 

In Super Hyper Vibe! you are invited to take back your life by infusing it with meaning. Not in the distant future; but today! If you’re looking to experience your life as a Soul Being and let your spirit shine, this book is for you. But be warned: Super Hyper Vibe! is not for everyone. Complete with a workshop (including online videos), this book will challenge you to enter the spiritual life as a force to create change; first, by questioning the status quo (including spiritual conventions); then, by finding the courage to let go of your conditioned self to discover total freedom. Super Hyper Vibe! is a spiritual wild ride, and you should be prepared to be shocked, to laugh, and to be challenged like you’ve never been before.